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   Tantra, tantra Temple, harmonious future, pilgrimage to India, South India, personal transformation, sexual organ, Eastern esoteric tradition, self-worship, Chennai, Tirupati, Balaji temple, SriKalashasthi, Goddess Chamundi)Tantra, tantra Temple, harmonious future, pilgrimage to India, South India, personal transformation, sexual organ, Eastern esoteric tradition, self-worship, Chennai, Tirupati, Balaji temple, SriKalashasthi,

Village children and homeless kids India

Some of the Main Tantra Temple that we will visit that will help you to remove you past and walk into a harmonious future

Experience the Tantric Spirit of India
for Mind, Body and Spirit

As this is a Pilgrimage and not a Tour of India, we will flow with the energy that is available to the group: as such it is difficult to set dates and time. This is a rough idea of the plan that we will follow. The only thing that is definite is that we will visit all the temples that are mentioned in the list. These temples are chosen for the power that they radiate, and also useful for balancing of our Body, Mind and Spirit.

The journey through South India and its temples is to balance all the elements and to invoke the God/Goddess within the inner temple, thus invoking the twin snake or Kundalini Sakthi. Twin snakes are around the central column of the spine. The rising swirling energies of the snakes produce an ascending vortex of power, used in Tantra for personal transformation

The energies are associated with the solar and lunar energy, which is related to the right and left sides of the body respectively along with all the other planets. For this reason it is important that we also embrace the knowledge of astrology into our lives

The bodily temple has its gardens, rivers, sanctuaries and gates. By definition, a temple is a place of worship; a space dedicated to the service of God. This God, according to Tantra, is our highest self or soul, to be known and served through the Temple of the Body. Tantra teaches that there are nine gates to the bodily temple. These are divided between the upper part and the lower part. The lower gates are the orifices of the anus and the sexual organ; the upper gates are the mouth, nose, two eyes, two ears and the fontanel opening at the top of the head. The fontanel is visible as an opening at the time of birth, but it gradually closes up during the first year of life.

Eastern esoteric tradition tells us that through this opening, known as the Aperture of Brahma, (fontanel) the soul enters and leaves the bodily temple. Though the other gates may be used by the soul in its journeys, it is the uppermost one that leads to the higher spiritual realms.

The act of worship in the Temple of the Body consists in focusing the creative attitude by channeling the energy upward. The evolutionary process, experienced as an ecstatic thrill that rises up from the solar plexus. The energy will burn up all negativity and purify the psychic pathways. When the energy of love floods upward and the solar and lunar energies unite, the temple becomes illuminated. This Psycho cosmic process manifests as emotional of ecstasy, which no words can truly describe. Through knowledge of the psychic pathways, the communicative experience becomes more potent. By practicing the secret techniques of Tantra one can consciously experience transcendental delight. The psycho-cosmic process or self-worship in the Temple of the Body takes place on every level, from the physical to the subtlest. It is important to really regard the body as a temple. Awareness of its physical and subtle condition is an integral part of the creative attitude. The bodily temple should be kept clean, healthy and harmonious, out of respect for the divinity within. Provide enjoyment and spare no effort to ensure the temple divinity's complete satisfaction. Do not hold back, for real worship is a spontaneous and total act of love. By worshipping in the Temple of the Body during our daily journey, all our desires will be fulfilled.

Here in this body are the sacred rivers; here are the sun and moon, here are the planets and earth, here are the elements, here are all of creation, in this human temple.

Our journey will begin in Chennai, traveling north to  SriKalashasthi. Here Lord Shiva is worshiped as the element air. On this spiritual quest we will be visiting temples where lord Siva is worshiped as five elements. All the elements, space, air, fire, water and earth, are found within the body, together with their properties. It is very important for these energies to be balanced for internal harmony.

We will spend 4 hours at this temple, then lunch. After lunch we will leave for Banglore. We will stay the night at Banglore, one of the most westernized city in India, Send half the day shopping and we would leave for Mysore, where we would visit Goddess Chamundi, this temple is very beautiful and has lots of energy. Here one could buy Mysore silk garments that are inexpensive and beautiful. Mysore is renown for it silk trade, both to the west and the east

Depending on time that is available we would also visit Mantralayam, where a very famous Saint Ragavandra is buried. He does appear from time to time too spiritual aspirants who visit him with total intend, receive his blessing. This place is indeed very powerful

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On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during ParaTan sound healing. An Inner Tantric practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today

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We are pro bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses. When listening to this Audio-video, please use good headphones to enjoy the maximum healing benefit of the sounds. This is


 only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful.


Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India,
Shri Param Eswaran

Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the Para-Tan Sound Intensive

For more videos on Tantra, Goddess Mantra and Planetary Mantra visit my IFC Mahavidya channel Youtube

LOVE IS THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE and it is only through the light and way of love that we may raise our vibration and reclaim our inner divinity. Para Tan utilizes ancient sacred sounds to break up cellular memory and circulate Shakti aka LOVE aka SOUND through the body. This feeling of love is the orgasmic bliss of cosmic union with divinity within and around us.


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