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The Tantrik tradition has come to be viewed as synonymous in the West with sex.. And, to some extent, that's the case in Asia too, mostly because of the pervasive influence of Western education. Tantrik traditions main focus is on complete life, as such sexuality has a part to play, more as union of Siva (male) and Sakthi (female) within.

When a woman and man live together in close agreement, as one soul in a single body, they shall be happy in this world, and in that to come. Their good charitable actions will be an example to humankind and their peace and harmony will effect their salvation.

Time is Lord Siva and Life is Goddess Shakti

Body is the temple of Shakti

Thousands of books have been written to educate men and women the importance of Spiritual Union, and to resolve their endless search for fulfilling love. Most often sensual pleasure is been seen as intimate love. Para-Tan Secrets of love is not just another philosophical treatise on the ecstasies of India Love. Rather it is a pragmatic path that distills the secret teachings on the Love Dance of Siva and Sakthi. With the blessings of my Divine Mother Kali, the knowledge is available to those of you who think that they deserve to enjoy Spiritual bliss within a relationship.

Sri Bhairava said: Now I speak of the supreme mantra of Mahakali, bestowing all poesy. Listen attentively, O Maheshani. She is the primordial one, Prakriti, the beautiful woman, the primordial knower, with kalas, the Fourth, the ultimate mother, the boon giver, the desirable one, the lady of heroes, the giver of success to sadhakas.

She, the primordial one, Mahaprakriti, Kali, the true form of time, whose great mantra of all mantras is the ocean of mantra, she alone gives all success to a sadhaka who wants it. The destroyer of anxiety, giving boons, seated on a corpse, gives all desires, O Devi, and creates all marvels
.” Brihad Nila Tantra

Lord Kartikeya and Mother Kali came into my life when I was in my early twenties, and have blesses me with many talents, mainly to serve humanity. Unlike what the world thing of her, for me, she has always been the soft beautiful Mother, who has always been there for me, blessing me with the knowledge of Para-Tan. .

The sexual imbalance between men and women is been secretly accepted by men for thousands of years. A woman can sexually receive her man for as long as she pleases, and a Tantrik understand that her Sakthi energy is nearly inexhaustible. A man’s lovemaking is limited to the amount of energy he has to keep his erection. His Siva essence is more easily tired. A woman is sexually stronger than a man is because biologically she needs to be. Her reproductive organs are the same as the creative force of the universe.

Most men know the infinite sexual capacity of women, as such, they sought physical, political, financial and religious advantage over them, but this brought about more disharmonious society. Man’s insecurity made him use religion and politic to suppress woman thousands of years ago, during the Vedic times. However, Christen religion openly condemned woman, Eve for eating the apple from the middle of the garden of Eden, yet with Tantrik tradition women played a powerful role in their rituals for they are mediums through whom Devi’s grace permeate into society. Their presence is required to make every occasion auspicious. With Para-Tan we worship woman as the Sricakra, thus using her as the medium through whom the healing energy of Devi permeate all.

Eve was supposed to have been cursed for her role in the crime with pain of menstruation and childbearing. Because of her transgression, all women came to be deprived of power and position in human society. In Tantrik tradition menstrual blood is clearly the price for conception. In fact, the most critical moments of a woman’s life is menstruation, deflowering and childbirth. Blood is the sacred life force, not for nothing are holy figurines from the stone-age onwards colored with red pigments. The loss of blood is an offering by the female of her vital life force, and before a woman can conceive, she must first bleed. It has been seen that she shed her blood in order to bear a child, that the monthly moon-blood was the price of children. fertility and life, was therefore sacred and deserving of reverence. To a Tantrik, when a women in her menses, she is not considered as unclean, but holy, unlike other sects of Hindus, who see it as unclean. The name given to menstrual blood is “kundapuspa”, means “flower of the holy well”. In Sanskrit the word “kund” means a spring, a well, or basin of sanctify water for holy purpose

It is not gods will to curse woman, a species created in his own image, but man’s weakness that made this teaching a reality, in both Christian and Muslim society, then it slowly spread to less aware Asians, with the spreading of Christianity and Islam.

Abrahamic faith flourished in and around the near East and Egypt 2000 years ago and was popular amongst Jews and early Christians.

The Gnostics believed in a feminine divine entity called Shekinah, Lady of wisdom, who stood and shone beside Jehovah, The Almighty Father. Also known as Sophia, she interceded between man and God. Visible only to the chosen people who followed the Lord's commandments, according to Jewish texts, part of her function was to heal and comfort.

Genesis is deeply symbolic, and cannot be grasped by literal interpretation.

Many years ago I found Adam and Eve, allegory in the Autobiography of the Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. “The tree of life, the human body is the apple tree. The spinal cord is like upturned tree, with man’s hair as its roots, and afferent and efferent nerves as branches. The tree of the nervous system bears many enjoyable fruits, or sensations of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. In these, man may rightfully indulge; but he was forbidden the experience of sex, the apple at the center of the body (in the midst of the garden).

The serpent represented the coiled up spinal energy that stimulates the sex nerves. Adam is reason and Eve is feeling. When the emotion of Eve-consciousness in any human being is overpowered by the sex impulse. His reason or Adam also succumbs.

God created the human species by materializing the bodies of man and women through the force of His will; He endowed the new species with the power to create children in similar immaculate or divine manner”:

Sex is a drug, an opiate for the discontent. Total sexual freedom did not supply the stability people needed most. Today, people are turning back to either marriage or Spirituality to seek their sense of an absolute.

Para-Tan does not offer marriage as the solution to stability, unless it be the marriage of subtle energies which we identify as Siva and Sakthi, in Tao known as yin and yang.

“Maheshani, meditate as being absorbed in the yoni cakra, with yoni on the tongue, yoni in the mind, yoni in the ears and yoni in the eyes. Mighty Lady, all sadhana is vain unless with the yoni. Therefore, reject other pujas and do Yoni Puja. Maheshani, there is no siddhi without devotion to the Guru” - Yoni Tantra, X

“One should meditate on the second cakra as having eight petals, as bright as a beautiful pure flame. One conquers death and becomes the cause of great excitation. Meditating one-pointedly on the multi-fold form one becomes an emperor amongst kings, doing whatsoever one wills, and may destroy all in the three worlds, whether animate or inanimate - like Kruddha, the cause of both creation and dissolution, always engaged in love” Kaula school of Tantra

The second cakra Meditations can be preformed with one’s partner, worship her Yoni as part of the Sricakra, by using Mantra Sakthi

Those who have experienced Para-Tan sound healing would have experienced a small part of the worship.

Love, here relates to the sensual enjoyment, but in the form of a dance between the God and Goddess. To dance in this manner one has to be free from the bondage, of depression, neediness, fear, paranoia, anxiety, anger, greed, hatred and lust yearning, shame, guilt, and an insatiable, inexplicable, never ending disaffection with worldly existence.. In modern times one is subjected to anyone or all of this impulses in some form, and over time all this qualities become part of one’s personality, reappearing when least expected. The emotions are lodged in the cell of the organs. Emotional tension is expressed in the way you breathe. The emotional sensitivity is associated with the lungs and the large intestine. Balancing the emotions in the body will be closely related with establishing good breathing patens and insuring the body’s ability to eliminate anything it does not need to carry. Most of the trauma of our lives collects in the small intestine as knots. It will hold this trauma until it is safe to release it.

Sadness in the lungs can be released by breathing freely, and releasing congestion in the large intestine. Each internal organ is the home for a particular negative emotion associated with it. Para-Tan healing with Mantra Sakthi works on tonifying organs thus releasing the emotions. Anger lives in the liver, anxiety in the spleen and pancreas, fear and paranoia in the kidney, cruelty and impatience in the heart. All the above emotions are the gift of living in the world that we have created for ourselves.

Freedom from trauma is freedom to LOVE

In modern society, men like to list all the factors on which sex in marriage depends, urging repeatedly that women’s need for “sensual” enjoyment is paramount and that only if a woman is satisfied can the man be pleased. The power within her Yoni is equal to all the power of the three worlds, as she is the aspect of the Divine Mother of Creation.

The secret force behind the universe was sometimes regarded as female, even as material, and, in the cult of Shakti, women became sacred object, and incarnation of the Mother.

The whole meaning of Lord Krishna’s romance with Radha is that it places love before duty. In Gita Govinda, it is mentioned that their love was strongly sexual, but the relationship has a mythical twist to it. Radha in adoring Lord Krishna is compared to the soul adoring God. Adoration is the supreme type of merit. In sexual rapture, there is a sense of losing one’s self and this is a symbol of losing oneself in God/Goddess.

Sex by religion is reflected in the worship of Siva. Siva’s idol is, phallus or lingam set in the yoni or female organ, a very plainness of the symbol gave sex a new meaning

In ancient India, “sex was regarded as inherently noble, sexual rapture was the most complete analogy for spiritual bliss. In the embrace of his beloved, a man forgets the whole world, everything both within and without; in the same way, he who embraces the Self knows neither within nor without”. The words are from an ancient text, the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad

In ancient India, a union between the opposite sexes was consummated as a spiritual act, to enhance spiritual union between Siva and Sakthi within. It is the union of the God and goddess within.

Sex is freedom, yet sex is not free, and it should not be taken lightly. It is a noble act, only to be entered into between couples who really adore each other.

Sex in its freedom appears to exemplify romance and passion. Embraces, kisses, love blow, and sexual positions have only one aim to improve the art of sex. Sex is nothing without delicacy. Delicacy can only be present in a being when he or she is free from trauma lodged in the cells as emotional memories. Freedom from past emotional baggage creates space for delicacy. With emotional freedom, one gains a lively, new appreciation for live with romance and passion. Sex however, itself is not important, the changing aspect of one’s romance is important. To generate the greatest emotion to excite, enhance and soothe -- ideal love. The less passion love, there is, the more essential it is to believe in enhancing one’s emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom creates freedom for passionate love

Outer Worship, the play of LOVE, the healing love art!

Puja (worship) can take many forms and is but one aspect of the tradition. It can be performed either externally or internally. A tantrik may perform daily puja to her or his particular devata and this can be a beautiful rite involving all the senses. With external rituals one worships, ones own partner as the Devata

The daily puja, whatever the favored deity, includes worship of the Sun, Shiva, Shakti as Mahakali, and Ganesha. The main concept in this puja is that the god, goddess and planets are considered to be residing within the body, are given worship and treated as honored guests. All recitation and ritual elements are given to the Goddess/God or planet within her or him. The worshipper and the worshiped are not separate. When there is no separation between worshipper and the worshiped, then the dance of life begins, the Great Love Dance of Siva/Sakthi will be experienced, the journey to ultimate bliss-joy.

Worshiping one’s partner as the devata is the most powerful form of worship, by either using the various ritual accessories (upachara) or just using the bija sound of the devatas. Using ritual accessories generally adds color to the worship, thus experiencing inner joy. One can also worship one’s own body using internal worship, but the effect is not as potent, until one has become a siddha.

“Any ritual is an opportunity for transformation. To do ritual, you must be willing to be transformed in some way. That inner willingness is what makes the ritual come alive and have power.”

Ritual accessories used in the daily ceremony, are 16 principal items, being, asana (seat), svagata (welcome), padya (water for washing feet), arghya (rice, flowers, sandal paste), achamana (sipping water), madhuparka (honey, ghee, milk, curd), snana (bathing), vasana (clothes), abharana (gems), gandha (perfume and sandal), pushpa (flowers), dhupa (incense stick), dipa (flame), naivedya (food) and namaskar (prayer). All daily pujas follow a very similar pattern that can be learned at our Mother Center in India, or when our Master is on tour to various parts of the world, where he is invited.

Sex in ancient India and Rome were both very colorful, more so in India, for they also understood the order of the Universe. Natural Astrology in the sixteen century A.D gives a wonderful if fantastic description of what contemporary life was like. People of that time believed, by the planets, stars, moon and sun. This served as a guide and influenced the best of classical India philosophy and culture into clues for understanding the process of how people relate.

Life in relationship, and how well or poorly we relate to our environment and the people we encounter determines how happy or unhappy our lives become. The wise becomes mindful of how they relate, for every encounter with the other influences our pursuit of health and happiness according to its degree of success.

From ancient to present time, relationship question are among the most frequent that astrologer hear from clients. India Astrology or Jyotisha is still frequently employed in modern India to evaluate the likely success of business, marriage, progeny, and friendship relationship.

In the context of relationship analysis, an astrologer examines the karmas that the would be couple bring forward into this lifetime, and evaluates how well the would be couples will actually pursue a relationship.

In all aspect of Tantric teaching the joy of sex plays an important role. Yoni (womb) compatibility evaluates a couple’s generative organs, with a view to ensure successful mating. Good yoni compatibility suggests that the couple will be karmically aligned for sexual congress, even if challenges occur in that process of time. Excellent Yoni compatibility exists when the woman’s Moon occupies a female nakshatra, and the male’s Moon a male nakshatra, and their associated animals are compatible.

In ancient India, they understood life demands that they relate perpetually to their world. They also understood that their existence depended on the regular intake of food, water, light, sound, love and other nutrients that flow into them from the sources outside of themselves. They also understood that they influence the environment as they communicate, fabricate, move, excrete, create, and perform all the other activities that constitute their live. When they disturb the balance of these exchanges, they disturb the foundation of their being; modern human, not understanding these laws creates lots of disturbance within both the home and the environment.

Few people of modern time marry with the intension of eventually divorcing, but today’s high rate of divorce suggests that many people marry without accurately appraising a proposed relationship potential

Many couples most often feel incomplete during sex because one partner has completed the experience, and the other has not had the chance to begin. Some people get bored with sex in a long-term relationship and wishing that they could go back in time to recapture the passionate sex and exciting experience as when they first came together. Then their desire was, to always be engaged in love.

“Until now most human beings have remained quite ignorant of their own loving potential. We human beings are able to make love more frequently and sensuously then perhaps any other animal. Yet we are often disappointed after love-making. Why? Because most of us are like owners of a precious Stradivarius violin that we have never learnt to play”
Jolan Chang --The Tao of the Loving Couple

When Yoni compatibility is not present, then the experience of feverish passion seems to disappear slowly, then adultery most often steps into their lives. Both ancient India and Rome were strangely alike in their views of adultery. The both took adultery for granted and no attempt was made to square it with ethics or religion. It should never be lightly undertaken with wives of friend and relatives. It is said that passionate, frantic desire may override prudence.

Our Joy of Love 30 day’s program will help single and couples, everyone who want to dance to the Divine music of life, by learning the art of sensual worship. This unique way of worship, that has never been used before, as sensual art of love or healing. A Tantrik used it to worship the Great Goddess, to a limited extend. This form of sensual love will help harmonize the couple with the three worlds, thus heal each other, but also creating a greater bond with each other, loosing duality, thus two becoming one soul in a single body

Our Joy of Love program will help Lover unceasingly delight their delightful, thus intensifying both love and sex.

To experience the joy of love one needs to heal one’s past memories of Trauma experienced in general living and in relationships. At our center in India, not only will we help heal your past emotional, we will also share with you the art of delicacy, and the dance of love. Here we are not talking about sex, but sensual love. To waken the sexual power within, the sensual self must first be invoked, or else sex will feel like masturbating with the self, never totally rewarding.

Each year we will be offer 4, 30 days program where by one explores all matters sensual, from setting the mood to explicit instruction on technique. The aim of the workshop is to share instructions for intimate relationship with the self, and one’s partner.

May the Great Goddess of Tantra bless you with Love and Light!


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We are proud to bring to you Bija Mantras of the Goddesses. When listening to this Audio-video, please use good headphones to enjoy the maximum healing benefit of the sounds. This is only a recording, when you receive a sound healing personally, it is much, much, more powerful.


Tantra the Way of Life, talk given by The Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the Mahavidya Temple in South India,
Shri Param Eswaran

Sri Renee Jeffus speaks about her experience after attending the Para-Tan Sound Intensive

For more videos on Tantra, Goddess Mantra and Planetary Mantra visit my IFC Mahavidya channel Youtube

LOVE IS THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE and it is only through the light and way of love that we may raise our vibration and reclaim our inner divinity. Para Tan utilizes ancient sacred sounds to break up cellular memory and circulate Shakti aka LOVE aka SOUND through the body. This feeling of love is the orgasmic bliss of cosmic union with divinity within and around us.


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