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Secret to a successful
Sensual Partnership

Some people have a poor choice in partners and apparently relaxed attitude to marriage or partnership. It looks like the main consideration is only the pleasure of the union; thus copulation is limited to sight, pleasure, and ejaculation in the case of men and the itch that arises through desire for women.

Everyone seem to forget what is most important in the sexual act, however, are the transmittable characteristics, the shape of the body and the size of the organs.

Before one contemplates a partnership, one should consult a Vedic astrologer to compare horoscopes. A good astrologer comprehends the equality of the partners in respect of dharma (right conduct) karma (life relation) Moksha (final salvation) and the various Kutas There is a striking difference between the Hindus and the other races, when the question of marriage is considered. Various factors are taken into consideration, the important ones being physical fitness, mental qualities, heredity, sexual compatibility and social and economic standing. If this is done, there will be fewer tragedies than at present and less marital infidelity.


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Para-Tan Sound Healing

The ultimate adventure of discovering all the Tantric Temples in South India.

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To enjoy a good relationship, one needs to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. Visit "Navel Health" to discover and old science that we bring back to you.

Tantra Yoni Healing " this is an ideal therapy for women who want to release all pain from past relationships. The energy of you past always follows you into the future relationship. One abusive relationship will attract another, and there can be no end to it. We will introduce you to a non-intrusive way of healing the past. We do not have to invade you Yoni (virginal) but purely lay of hands and the use of cosmic sound. The energy of past relationship remains with in one's reproductive organs at the cellular level for at least 5 year. You have to remove the past to enjoy a happy future relationship with you very special Soul Mate.

We offer Vedic Horoscopes that will help you mold your life towards a very successful life, by understanding what your past karma is and how to change it. Let our experts help you.


Happiness largely rest upon so many factor that every sensible individual should seek,  astrologer, mainly Vedic Astrology is a very good tool to understand your partner or would be partner.

Until society wakes up and looks at life in a more serious manner, we would have a world fill with single parents; where by the children's of the future would not enjoy a balanced family life.

We at IFC would like to help change this reality and need your help.

Shri Param Eswaran has for the first time accepted to teach the sexual aspect of Tantra, which is Kama Sutra. This offer is only available to those who have the willingness and desire to change the way life has played with them. This Teachings are available in our Center in India, and in some of our Workshops

Remember that there is no quick fixes, and it would take time, for some quicker then the others. All those wanting to do this workshop will have to be committed. Shri Param will only be excepting 12 female and 12 males. All of who will have to know their exact birth details. i.e. Time, place and date. Apply to day and we will let you if you are selected to the program by clicking here

At this workshop you will learn all aspect of Tantra and Kama Sutra. Tantra cover a wide range of knowledge i.e. astrology, mantra Japa, (mantra recitation), Svara Yoga (the yoga of conscious breathing) activating the Chakras or physic Centers, skate chakra bhedana (piercing the Chakras by visualization). Sound therapy will help to remove baggage of the past, color therapy, invoking the God and Goddess, diet, personal care. In Tantra, the most important is to invoke the Ten Wisdom Goddess and the Sri Chakra.

One and all irrespective of religion, caste or creed, sex or age, the learned or the ignorant, and the rich or the poor can worship Sri Chakra. The Divine Mother is to be invoked by everyone, and in every house, in every place and in every country. She is accessible to one and all.

Just as every human being has the right to the use of medicine, for the physical or material well being of one's body. So also, every person who is afflicted with the disease of the whirlpool of this world of births and deaths or samsara, has every right to take recourse to the Divine Mother, the sovereign remedy. She is the destroyer of the disease of samsara. She is described as the medicine or remedy for samsara.  She is in all and everywhere and beyond all. She is for all, in all. So, let us together learn to deify our self, for then we become her (the Divine Mother). If one could become her then one does not have to pray to her. Thus freeing oneself from the whirlpool.

This journey will be mainly devoted to such aspects that can help build good understanding and caring affection between Men and Women who are interested in forming a happy UNION WITH EACH OTHER

All income received by way of workshops, Tantra Pligrimage and donations are used to help IFC's charity program

At IFC we provide vegetarian recipes, horoscopes for those who seek to rectify past karma. Young parents should have horoscopes of their children drawn at birth, so that parents can understand how to be good guardians. Giving children the correct name according to their own individual energy flow, a name that is in harmony with their energy

IFC Temple of Divine Love in conjunction with Tantric Goddess Network have set up a Tantric Goddess Center and Home for Village children and homeless kids in Tamilnadu, South India. By March 2007 we would be offering online lesson plans on Tantra, Yoni Tantra, Goddess worship and Tantric Rituals so that all can enjoy the true knowledge of Tantra.

At the center we provide education, health care, food and shelter to Village children and homeless kids , and women, so that they too can enjoy the same conditions like the rest of the community. The Goddess teaching center will provide scholarship for those who help with our education plan for Village children and homeless kids. As our Master has not toured and we have not received much in the form of donation, we have not been able to build enough accommodation, as such have been able to only house four boys and a woman.

IFC Temple of Divine Love promotes the teachings of Inter Faith Tantra, that which is most suited to to-day community. Our services are available in Australia, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Malaysia, India. At IFC you can explore the following:- Tantra, Kama Sutra, Inter Faith Tantra, health, women's health, stress management, our fund go towards helping charities,   education, online education,  Yoni healing, Goddess worship, tantric sensual massage, Jyotish Astrology, counseling, relationship counseling, marital counseling, alternative healing, vegetarian recipes, parent, baby names, horoscopes, lesson plans, online Tantra.

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during Para-Tan sound healing. An Inner Tantric practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today

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